Big Red. 20"x60". House paint, acrylic, spray paint on hand stretched canvas
Experimental. 16"x20". Acrylic and hair dye on reclaimed canvas
Her Heart. 28"x36". acrylic on reclaimed canvas
Icarus. 16"x20". Acrylic on reclaimed canvas
Play Ground Luv. 16"x20". Acrylic and spray paint on reclaimed canvas
Mouth Peace. 16"x20". Acrylic on reclaimed canvas.
Out. 22"x22". Acrylic, glitter, poster paint on reclaimed canvas
Sneeeeeeek! 11"x14". Acrylic and glitter oncanvas.
Form. 16"x20". Acrylic and vinyl paint on reclaimed canvas.
Heart Attack-ak-ak. 20"x20". Acrylic on canvas. $200
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